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Youth Education

Our evidence-based programs support youth with the soft skills they need to mitigate the challenges of daily life.

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Professional Development

Our customized workshops provide innovative strategies in social-emotional intelligence and mindfulness to improve focus, manage stress and build resilience.  

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Online Learning

Learn tools to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life, or enroll in our facilitator certification and bring our programs to the communities you serve.

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"MAC has become an essential part of my curriculum. It is well structured and provides my students with meaningful opportunities for contemplation and growth. It is extraordinary to hear students share how the techniques and insights learned through the MAC influence their actions, choices and character development."Jessica Skieresz, Educator, Marin County, California
"I would recommend that this program be available to all Grade 12 students stressing about University! It really helped me learn to reduce my stress and manage emotions, like anger."Mindfulness Ambassador, Toronto
"So often in the last few months I have wondered how I can go on in this profession which I love, but which I experience as emotionally exhausting. The Mindfulness Ambassador Council and Teacher Training program made me want to continue teaching."Lena Virgilio, Educator, Toronto

Mindful 365

Master the foundations of Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Intelligence in this 5-session course offered exclusively online. Through lectures, guided audio practices, handouts, recommended reading materials and weekly assignments, you’ll learn to harness the wisdom of mindfulness in your personal and professional environments. No previous meditation experience required.

TIME: 7-8:30 PM EST


Mindful Educator Facilitator Certification

Join us online for 6 sessions and complete your certification training as a facilitator of our Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC) program for youth which address the social and emotional competencies and secular mindfulness practices that help prepare them for a brighter future. In this interactive course, you will receive 12 evidence-based lesson plans, podcasts, home assignments and facilitation strategies to successfully integrate this program in your community.

TIME: 7-8:30 PM EST

PLEASE NOTE: Registration link coming soon.

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When we give in to sorrow, to hate or to greed, we often forget to listen, to breath, and to grow. 🌹
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