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Youth Education

Our evidence-based programs support youth with the social and emotional competencies they need to mitigate the challenges and stresses of their daily lives.

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Professional Training

Our workshops and curriculum trainings combine interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence and mindfulness as a boost to career development.  

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Online Education

Learn tools and coping strategies to cultivate more mindfulness in your life, or get certified in our curriculum training and bring mindfulness education to your community.

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"MAC has become an essential part of my curriculum. It is well structured and provides my students with meaningful opportunities for contemplation and growth. It is extraordinary to hear students share how the techniques and insights learned through the MAC influence their actions, choices and character development."Jessica Skieresz, Educator, Marin County, California
"I would recommend that this program be available to all Grade 12 students stressing about University! It really helped me learn to reduce my stress and manage emotions, like anger."Mindfulness Ambassador, Toronto
"So often in the last few months I have wondered how I can go on in this profession which I love, but which I experience as emotionally exhausting. The Mindfulness Ambassador Council and Teacher Training program made me want to continue teaching."Lena Virgilio, Educator, Toronto

AGOTADO!!! Certifícate en México y Comparte las Técnicas de Mindfulness con tus Estudiantes

AGOTADO! Únete a Mindfulness Without Borders, asiste a nuestro entrenamiento de certificación de 3 días y conviértete en facilitador de nuestro programa para jóvenes ‘Consejo de Embajadores de Mindfulness ­– Mindfulness Ambassador Council MAC.

August 1st, 2016 Read More

Level One: Mindful 365 Online

Master the foundations of Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning in this five week course offered exclusively online. No previous meditation experience required.

September 20th, 2016 Read More

Empathic children & adolescents are more likely to engage in behaviors like sharing or helping others.
Posted 13 hours ago on Twitter.

Wouldn't it be great if we can feel joy even when our mind is free from stimulations, like "eating chocolate"?
Posted 1 day ago on Twitter.

Take a moment to be mindful for others. It'll help you, too! #TGIF
Posted 5 days ago on Twitter.

Madhumita Murgia shows how chronic stress can affect brain size, structure, and function.
Posted 6 days ago on Twitter.

“The first benefit of compassion is yourself," Jinpa told ABC News’ Dan Harris. #mindfulness
Posted 7 days ago on Twitter.