"As an educator, my energy and patience in class improved when I began each class with their TUZA breathing practice."
Monica Godin, Educator, St. Joseph’s College School, Toronto
"Reading the Mindfulness Ambassador Council Guidebook, I thought, this program has tremendous integrity and is steeped in values that evoke equality. WOW!"
Florence Meleo-Meyers, Director of Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Training and Education
"The Mindfulness Ambassador Council youth program speaks a universal language that engages students from all of our diverse school communities regardless of race, color or gender, enriching the ethos of a classroom and school community."
Dianne Banasco, Educator, Toronto Catholic District School Board
"This curriculum is highly valuable and has enhanced my life and my understanding of mindfulness. I am very much looking forward to continuing to guide groups utilizing the council format."
Jonathan Campbell, Pennsylvania
"Mindfulness Without Borders' work is an awesome gift to humanity. I have gained very powerful tools from the Online Training which I will use in my personal and professional life for years to come."
Mary Agee, Tennessee
"Of all the online Mindfulness trainings that I’ve had, this is the best by far. The class format was clear and understandable and I loved doing the home assignments. You are really great facilitators!"
Amira Valle, Mexico
"You have given our school something we have been searching for, for a long time. Our teachers have simply implemented the facilitation strategies and MAC curriculum into the classes we offer and have seen a great response from our student body."
Terry Hart, Guidance Counselor, East York Collegiate Institute
"The authenticity, compassion and passion with which MWB conducts their professional development training and promotes the practice of Mindfulness worldwide, makes each team member a true companion on the journey toward peace and loving kindness. They are true role models."
Rita Mammone, Vice Principal, Toronto Catholic District School Board
"Since I joined the Mindfulness Ambassador Council, I have been mindful about the circumstances around me and the way I listen and interact with others – the two things I can do to make a difference in my community."
Mindfulness Ambassador, Student Participant, Nigeria
"The MAC program teaches some of the most fundamental human skills; kindness, awareness and compassion towards self and others. For our particular group of students who often experience difficulties with attention and regulating emotion, the mindfulness practices are extremely helpful. It has become an important part of our school’s culture."
Kaili Glennon, Educator and Volunteer Coordinator YMCA Academy, Toronto
"My friend and I connected on a whole new level and formed a stronger, more open and trusting relationship."
Mindfulness Ambassador, Student Participant, USA
"So often in the last few months I have wondered how I can go on in this profession which I love, but which I experience as emotionally exhausting. The Mindfulness Ambassador Council and Teacher Training program made me want to continue teaching."
Lena Virgilio, Educator, Toronto
"I would recommend that this program be available to all Grade 12 students stressing about University! It really helped me learn to reduce my stress and manage emotions, like anger."
Mindfulness Ambassador, Toronto
"MAC has become an essential part of my curriculum. It is well structured and provides my students with meaningful opportunities for contemplation and growth. It is extraordinary to hear students share how the techniques and insights learned through the MAC influence their actions, choices and character development."
Jessica Skieresz, Educator, Marin County, California