Mindful 365

OCT 24
OCT 24

In today’s fast-paced, high demand world, it’s easy to forget to stop, breath and just live in the moment, and yet science has proven that these are the very actions that promote health, happiness and personal well-being. Undue stress and tension have the potential to impede ones personal and professional life, but with the right tools and some simple mindfulness strategies one has the power to greatly decrease its negative effects, increase personal potential and bolster relationships. Join us online, for 5 sessions encompassing everything from interpersonal skills to coping strategies to simple techniques that help take the edge off those extra stressful days. Anyone can benefit from Mindful 365.

Explore the foundations of mindfulness and the core social-emotional competencies necessary to develop a culture of mindfulness in daily life. Through lectures, guided audio practices, handouts, recommended reading materials and weekly assignments, you’ll learn to harness the wisdom of mindfulness in your personal and professional environments.

Mindful 365 Learning Objectives

  • Expand the repertoire of skills to promote present moment awareness, deep listening and authentic connection
  • Cultivate focus and attention skills
  • Develop effective self-care practices for a daily mindfulness practice
  • Understand the science behind mindfulness
  • Discover social and emotional competencies that impact healthy, effective living
  • Cultivate a culture of mindful living at home and in the workplace

What is your commitment?

  • Participate in person at the scheduled time. All of the sessions will be recorded for future reflection. However, in order to successfully complete Level 1, participants can only miss one lesson, unless previously approved.
  • Complete all home assignments – ranging from practicing TUZA twice daily to reading and written assignments.

Group Rates Available! Email us at info@mwithoutborders.org to find out how you and your team can participate in this exciting training.


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To learn more about our online learning series, please contact: info@mwithoutborders.org

TIME: 7-8:30 PM EST



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7-8:30 PM EST


Course Held Online


Theo Koffler and Amber McAuley


$325 USD / $375 CAD