Mindful Educator Facilitator Certification

SEP 12
SEP 12
Getting youth to shine means addressing the social and emotional skills they’ll need for the challenges and opportunities they’re bound to face outside the school walls. While ABC’s and 123’s are great, even the most dedicated teacher can’t truly prepare his or her students without going beyond academics and outside the textbook.  Join us online for 6 sessions and get certified as a facilitator of our Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC), an evidence-based intervention which will help prepare youth for a future as knowledgeable, responsible, and caring citizens.

Building upon the knowledge and insights you gained from Level One, these sessions will acquaint you with the Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC), our research-based curriculum for youth. The MAC comprises 12 theme-based lessons and simple mindfulness practices that address the skills individuals need to nurture self-awareness, manage emotions, think critically, build resilience, and act responsibly. You will develop your understanding of the Council process as an intervention and shared learning platform for your workplace.

As part of the training, participants have access to MWB’s educational materials but are not entitled to replicate, reproduce or modify the MAC Student Guidebook, MAC Facilitator Guidebook, lesson plans, handouts, and questionnaires without expressed permission from Mindfulness Without Borders. Mindfulness Without Borders retains all intellectual property rights to the Mindfulness Ambassador Council Student and Facilitator Guidebooks.

Certification Training: Learning Objectives

  • Learn techniques and strategies to successfully facilitate the Mindfulness Ambassador Council to your constituencies.
  • Develop communication and leadership skills to be a more caring, connected and effective facilitator.
  • Build and maintain a personal mindfulness practice to improve attention, self- awareness, self-regulation and social awareness.
  • Embody and model values implicit in the MAC- demonstrating the concepts of mindful living to the world.

What is your commitment?

  • Complete Level One
  • Participate in person at the scheduled time, in 5 of the 6 online classes. All of the sessions will be recorded for future reflection; however, in order to successfully complete this course, participants can only miss one lesson, unless previously approved.
  • Complete all home assignments – ranging from practicing TUZA twice daily, reading and written assignments, to leading Mindfulness Ambassador Council practice sessions.

Graduate Certification

  • During the course of the training participants are required to facilitate weekly MAC lessons with a group of 4-10 people (family members, friends or colleagues are welcome to join your group). Participants will complete lesson debrief forms each week and receive feedback to enhance their facilitation skills.
  • Participants who complete all Level Two course requirements will be eligible to become a Certified Mindfulness Ambassador Council Facilitator. Upon successful completion of Series Two, graduates will be able to deliver our high school curriculum. To become certified, graduates need to sign Mindfulness Without Borders’ Terms of Agreement and adhere to our operating guidelines and procedures.

Questions? Get answers in our Online Certification Training FAQ

To learn more about our online learning series, please contact: info@mwithoutborders.org

TIME: 7-8:30 PM EST



MAC Program Basics Sep 12
The Lesson Template Sep 19
The Art of Council Sep 26
Core Protocols Oct 3
Role of a MAC Facilitator Oct 10
Program Implementation & Evaluation Oct 17


7-8:30 PM EST


Course Held Online


Leah Gardiner and Theo Koffler


$499 USD / $579 CAD